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Renting an apartment sight unseen

Renting an apartment sight unseen: the dos and don’ts


Many expats find that they must choose their new apartment without viewing it in person. Though renting an apartment sight unseen has been made easier thanks to the internet, it still requires careful consideration.

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Finding the best furnished apartments in Paris


Whether your stay in Paris is only for a few days or several months, Paris Attitude provides a unique service to help you find the ideal furnished apartment while making you feel like a local in your new home. [Contributed by Paris Attitude]

Moving apartment in France

10 things to do before moving out of your apartment in France


Here are some practical tips for moving out of your apartment in France, from terminating your lease and getting your deposit back to forwarding your post.

Renting problems in France

Top 5 problems faced by renters in France


France may have the best tenancy protection laws in the world but renters still need to exercise caution before renting a home in France.

Renting a property in France

Renting property in France and your rights as a tenant


Every newcomer should know the certain rules of renting French property – being aware of your tenant rights can protect you when renting a property in Paris or around France.

Renting in Paris


Find a new home with a view of the Eiffel Tower or Montmartre with our guide to renting in Paris.

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