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Top French prosecutor on US anti-terror tour

PARIS, March 29 (AFP) – One of France’s top state prosecutors, Yves Bot, was on a visit Monday to Washington to meet senior US anti-terrorism officials, French authorities said.

Bot, the chief prosecutor for Paris, aimed to develop “a useful partnership with the Americans in the area of fighting terror,” a spokesman for his office said.

Bot – whose role under French law gives him wide investigatory powers – was accompanied by two magistrates.

They were sent by the French justice ministry and were scheduled to see US Attorney General John Ashcroft and FBI director Robert Mueller, as well as federal prosecutors, his office said.

A meeting was also arranged Tuesday with US justice department officials responsible for battling organised crime, human smuggling and counterfeiting.

On Wednesday, Bot was due to go to Colombia, in South Carolina, for a meeting of US prosecutors talking about anti-terrorist strategy.


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