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Thugs beat French shelter dogs with iron bars

TARBES, France, March 28 (AFP) – Dozens of dogs being kept in a French animal refuge were badly hurt Sunday after an overnight attack in which unidentified individuals beat them with iron bars, police and the shelter’s workers said.

The intruders broke through doors and opened cages to get at some of the 145 dogs being kept at the Society for the Protection of Animals centre in Azereix, a southwest town near the French-Spanish border.

“Given the amount of blood on the floor, we think they brought some attack dogs with them that they set on our dogs,” one volunteer worker, Corinne Dabat, said.

“The animals are traumatised, and we ourselves are very shocked,” she said.

Around 20 dogs were missing Sunday and were believed to have run away. A number of cats that were also being kept at the shelter were unharmed.


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