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Super-bug kills 18 in French hospitals

PARIS, Dec 10 (AFP) – A highly resistant bacteria which has spread through several hospitals in northern France has killed 18 people since July, according to a statement from the health ministry Wednesday.

More than 20 hospitals have reported the presence of the super-bug – named Acinetobacter Baumanii – which causes breathing problems in patients already weakened by other illnesses and is unaffected by most forms of anti-biotic, the ministry said.

A total of 112 cases have been detected, but the number is falling off as a result of a strict hygiene regime, the ministry said.

The French health system is under growing scrutiny after it failed to prevent more than 15,000 deaths in last summer’s heatwave. It is suffering a severe manpower shortage as a result of the reduced 35-hour working week introduced by the last Socialist government.

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