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Scandinavian students shame French in English

Published on 03/03/2004

STOCKHOLM, March 2 (AFP) - Swedish and Norwegian students aced a study of English levels among 15 and 16 year-olds in eight non-English speaking European countries, the Swedish National Agency for Education announced on Tuesday.

Students from Finland, the Netherlands and Denmark also scored well while Spain and France lagged far behind in the Assessment of English study, carried out by the European Network of Policy Makers for the Evaluation of Education Systems in cooperation with the French education ministry.

Swedish and Norwegian ninth-graders showed the best results in reading, writing and comprehending English.

According to the Swedish National Agency for Education, Swedish students show a more positive attitude towards learning English in school than students in many other European countries, with more than 90 percent of all Swedish ninth-graders saying they believe English is important.

More importantly, however, is perhaps the exposure to English at home in both Norway and Sweden, especially through watching un-dubbed movies and tv-series, and playing English-language video games.


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