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Private rail tour of France pulls rich foreigners

PARIS, Feb 27 (AFP) – A new company specialising in luxury trips around France on board a private train has found its niche among rich foreigners willing to spend upwards of EUR 2,000 (USD 2,500) for the privilege, its management says.

French Rail Cruises, as the firm is called, says 80 percent of the passengers on its expensively restored 1960s two-wagon train come from outside of France and sign up for itineraries that take in museums, chateaux, wine tastings, multi-course meals and top-end hotel stays.

But those wishing to indulge in the meandering voyages better come with deep pockets.

According to the company’s director, Jean-Didier Grumbach, a selection of trips are offered, with the top-of-the-line experience being a EUR 6,250 six-day trip from Paris to the French Riviera.


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