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Paris to copy London bus lane spy videos

Published on 05/12/2003

PARIS, Dec 4 (AFP) - Paris police struggling to keep the French capital's bus lanes clear of cars and motorbikes have decided to turn to a strategy already in force in London and other British cities: installing cameras on buses to catch violators.

Officers said Thursday the new equipment, which would record the number plate of vehicles illegally using or parking in the lanes, would be put in use on an “experimental” basis early next year.

They would be used any time a bus driver came up behind anybody who was not authorised to use the lanes – limited to public transport, taxis, police, ambulance and fire trucks, and cyclists.

But the main bus drivers’ union, the CGT-Bus, has come out against the measure, saying its members were employed to provide public transport, “not crack down on other road users”.


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