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Muslims slam slaughter sheep price hike

Published on 28/01/2004

PARIS, Jan 28 (AFP) - A body representing Muslims in France complained Wednesday that prices for sheep have undergone an "abusive hike" just before the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Kebir, during which the animals are slaughtered for a ritual feast.

The French Council for the Muslim Religion, which is headed by the rector of Paris’s mosque, Dalil Boubakeur, said some of the operators of the 10 abattoirs and the two sheep markets in and around the capital were fixing “excessive prices” for the holiday, which this year falls on Sunday.

The statement from the council said the practice would result in “more Muslims finding it impossible to carry out the ritual.”

Under the Islamic tradition of Eid al-Kebir, the head of the household selects a sheep and has it killed in homage to a reference in the Koran of Abraham sacrificing a sheep in place of his only son as a sign devotion to Allah.


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