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Macedonia asks to quiz French militaryair controllers over Trajkovski crash

SKOPJE, March 1 (AFP) – Macedonian Prime Minister Branko Crvenkovski on Monday sought NATO’s full cooperation with the investigation into a plane crash which killed president Boris Trajkovski over Bosnia last week.

In a letter to the NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Crvenkovski said French soldiers serving with NATO had the last contact with Trajovski’s plane and could shed light on the accident that killed nine people on Thursday.

“The Republic of Macedonia is not ready to leave unexplained the circumstances in which its president tragically disappeared,” he wrote.

He said investigations into the cause would look at the role of the Bosnian authorities as well as the NATO troops manning the air traffic control tower at Mostar airport.

The King Air 200 plane was in contact with French troops at Mostar airport when it disappeared from radar screens and crashed on a foggy hillside just 12 kilometres (eight miles) away.

Crvenkovski said he expected NATO to hand over “all information relevant to the accident”.

Commenting earlier on media reports that the French controllers had been flown home, Crvenkovski said: “I don’t know whether they are out of Bosnia or not but wherever they are they cannot avoid being investigated.”


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