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Johnny Hallyday face-to-face with rape accuser

NICE, France, March 12 (AFP) – France’s greatest rock star Johnny Hallyday was on Friday brought face-to-face in a Riviera courthouse with the woman who says he raped her on a luxury yacht in Cannes.

In a French legal process known as a “confrontation,” Hallyday and his acuser Marie-Christine Vo were questioned together in the same room by the magistrate looking into the rape allegation.

Afterwards Hallyday, 60, said he was “wounded and outraged at the things which were said about me. I have had enough. She has got to stop making things up.”

Hallyday, who has a 40 year career in rock music, vehemently denies Vo’s charge that he raped her after a drunken party when she was working as a hostess on his yacht in April 2001.

On Thursday Vo, 35, was brought face-to-face with Hallyday’s wife Laeticia Smet, who testified that in the days after the alleged rape Vo made no sign that anything untoward had taken place.


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