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French teenager injured copying Jackass

Published on 10/03/2004

CERGY, France, March 10 (AFP) - A French teenager was hospitalised with several broken bones after he and three of his friends copied some risky stunts they had just watched on the US television show "Jackass", police said Wednesday.

The 17-year-old boy fell nearly four metres (13 feet) from the top of a parking garage which he and his friends had climbed in order to take photographs of each others’ bare backsides, officers said. He suffered fractures to his wrists, knees and pelvis.

Earlier, the group had gone around their housing project complex in a northwest Paris suburb in a shopping cart while completely naked, imitating one of the key scenes of the “Jackass” series.

The television show, broadcast on the MTV channel, has led to a spate of injuries suffered by copycat teenagers in the United States and in other countries where the show is aired.


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