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French MPs call Guantanamo repatriations

Published on 18/12/2003

PARIS, Dec 17 (AFP) - Fifty-three French MPs have signed a petition demanding the United States repatriate six French citizens it is holding in its Guantanamo military base on suspicion of being al-Qaeda or Taliban members, one of the organisers said Wednesday.

The lawmakers, who include deputies from both the centre-right ruling party and the left-wing opposition, want to see the six men returned to France to face “judgement from the tribunals of our country,” a Communist lawmaker, Andre Gerin, said.

The United States has been holding more than 600 detainees of various nationalities in a legal limbo in the Guantanamo base for nearly two years, claiming they are “illegal combattants”.

Various human rights groups, as well as national governments have denounced the lack of due process provided to the suspects, some of whom have been returned to their home countries.

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