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France sends 150 more troops to Haiti

PARIS, March 18 (AFP) – Some 150 French troops have left the southern port of Toulon for Haiti, where they will join a 3,000-strong multinational force trying to restore order in the Caribbean country, officials said Thursday.

The army soldiers, expected to arrive in Haiti in early April, left Toulon aboard the landing craft transport Orage, which was also transporting 22 armored vehicles.

The multinational force in Haiti – on the ground since former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide resigned and fled the country in the face of bloody unrest – comprises about 3,000 US, French, Chilean and Canadian troops.

French troops deployed to the northern Haitian city of Cap Haitien on Wednesday, where they secured the airfield and started patrols, a senior official of the multinational force said.


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