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France expects to win China high-speed rail deal

Published on 30/03/2004

SEOUL, March 30 (AFP) - Nicole Fontaine, deputy minister for French industry, said Tuesday she expected China to choose French giant Alstom to build a high-speed rail link between Beijing and Shanghai by the year-end.

Fontaine, was in Seoul for the launch of the KTX, the first high-speed train link in South Korea, which was built with French technology.

After meeting with Chinese transport minister He Huawu, Fontaine said China “would have a response for us by the of the year,” and added that the French bid was “serious” and had a “good chance” of success.

French transport group Alstom is competing against Japan’s Shinkansen and the German ICE for the tender which has yet to be officially unveiled by the Chinese authorities.

Fontaine is due to visit China in May to discuss possible Sino-French nuclear projects.


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