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FBI chief in Paris anti-terror talks

PARIS, Feb 4 (AFP) – FBI director Robert Mueller met with French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris Wednesday to discuss their two countries’ efforts to cooperate in fighting terrorism.

Mueller, who was on a 24-hour visit, also met the heads of France’s foreign and domestic intelligence agencies.

Interior ministry officials declined to give AFP any details of the talks, saying only that terrorism-related topics were covered.

The meetings came after the cancellations Sunday and Monday of several Air France and British Airways flights to the United States because of US fears they might have been used for chemical, biological or radiological attacks by Al-Qaeda.

Sources close to the meetings said that specific subject was not dealt with, but that the chief of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation discussed terrorism in general.

Meuller also held talks with the head of the domestic intelligence service, the head of an anti-terrorism unit and two senior police chiefs.

The visit was “rapid, but packed and constructive,” a source said, stressing the “excellent ties between the French and American services” that have survived even the diplomatic falling out over Iraq.

Meuller’s visit came the same day as a team of French anti-terrorist officials went to Washington to discuss efforts to reduce terrorist risks to air transport.


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