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Elderly French inmate wins abuse case

Published on 28/11/2003

STRASBOURG, Nov 27 (AFP) - The European Court of Human Rights on Thursday criticised France for tying an elderly inmate awaiting surgery to his hospital bed with a chain, saying such treatment was inhumane and degrading.

The Strasbourg-based court was ruling in the case of Albert Henaf, 78, who had filed charges after police guarding him at a hospital in Bordeaux, in western France, in November 2000 tied him to his bed by his ankle.

Henaf, who remains behind bars, decided at the time against the operation and filed charges in a French court against the officers guarding him. His complaint was thrown out, however, on technical grounds.

The European court ruled that in light of Henaf’s age and the fact he was not a proven dangerous criminal, the security measures taken at the hospital were disproportionate.

It also noted that two police officers were stationed outside his room.


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