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Chirac sees no quick end to Iraq attacks

TUNIS, Dec 4 (AFP) – French President Jacques Chirac said Thursday violence against the coalition forces in Iraq is likely to continue as the transfer of power to Iraqis is taking too long.

Despite a US plan to transfer power to an interim authority, “We are still far from a situation where the transfer of sovereignty to Iraqis would convince them they are participating in the establishment of a regime that suits them, that conforms to their interests, and that they should do it without recourse to violence,” he said.

Chirac, speaking during a visit to Tunis, said he believed that the transition of power was being “stretched over too long a period of time during which a lot of things could happen”, and while the United Nations had “a role that is much too modest.”

The US administration in Iraq began discussing the terms for the establishment of a transitional national assembly, following a month of violence against the forces of the US-led coalition.


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