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China vows to protect intellectual property

PARIS, April 7 (AFP) – Chinese Finance Minister Jin Renqing told French businessmen Wednesday his government was intent on enforcing respect for intellectual property rights, but that it would take time.

“The government is determined to ensure respect for intellectual property” and fight counterfeit goods, Jin told the French employers’ federation Medef in Paris.

“But the country is enormous and we have just begun our fight. It cannot be won from one day to the next.”

It had also taken time for France to tackle the problem posed by trademark violations, noted the minister, who was accompanied by a delegation of Chinese business leaders.

Measures to protect Chinese patents were now very effective, Jin added.

According to observers, the number of product imitations and counterfeit goods produced in China has never been greater, despite it having joined the World Trade Organisation in December 2001.

The finance minister called on French firms to cooperate more with Chinese groups in the field of high technology, saying technology transfers and trade in general between the two countries was too weak.

“China will continue to reinforce the rule of law, dismantle trade barriers, improve transportation and protect intellectual property,” he pledged.

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