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Home News Belgian doctor accused of malpractise

Belgian doctor accused of malpractise

Published on 25/01/2008

The radiology departments at five clinics in France have been closed after complaints from patients about poor hygiene standards and wrong diagnosis by a Belgian doctor.

“The results said that my gall bladder was normal, even though I’d had it removed 13 years ago”, one woman told French television.

The Belgian radiologist Farid Alsaïd denies the allegations.

“All what I’ve been accused of, making checks, not making checks and all that is bad enough but endangering my patients’ life? This has gone too far”, he told journalists.

The patients could have been infected with hepatitis or aids. A former employee at the clinic has confirmed the malpractice.

“The ultrasound scanning equipment has not been cleaned since the beginning of the year. Neither with soap nor with disinfectant”.

The French authorities are now trying to trace around 7000 patients who received treatment from the doctor.

Meanwhile, he has been suspended for 5 months.