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Greek court probes death of Pakistani migrant

Published on October 25, 2009

Athens — Greek’s high court launched an investigation into the death of a Pakistani migrant after his alleged torture by the police following his arrest in Athens.

The probe opened last week comes after new Interior and Citizen’s Protection Minister Michalis Chryssohoides, a socialist, said after taking office that "arbitrary behaviour by the police will not be tolerated."

Human rights and left-wing groups claim that Mohamed Kameran, 25, was brutally beaten by the police when he was arrested at Nikea, west of Athens, on September 26 after a fight among compatriots.

He was remanded in custody for three days on suspicion of beating up a minor but was released after the complaint was dropped.

Kameran died 10 days later on October 9.

Rights group say he was seriously injured after he was tied up and tortured by the police.

Eleven people were detained during a rally in Nikea on Saturday, including five for various misdemeanours such being masked which is banned by Greek law.

Nikea townhall has also been occupied by a group backing Kameran and denouncing alleged police violence since Saturday.

Police violence against immigrants and gypsies has been repeatedly criticised by Greek and international organisations including the Council of Europe and Amnesty International but perpetrators go widely unpunished.