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French have most sex; Brits,Germans the longest foreplay

Published on October 12, 2004

12 October 2004

TAIPEI – French surpassed Hungarians in the frequency of having sex. while the British and Germans have the longest foreplay, according to the 2004 global sex survey by Durex condom manufacturer.

But the survey, released by Durex Taiwan at a news conference Tuesday, shows Asians still make love the least often than almost anyone else in the world.

The survey showed that France is now the world’s sexiest country with the French having sex 137 times a year – well above the global average of 103 with Greece and Hungary ranking second and third. 

Asians still have the least sex: China (90 times a year), Vietnam (87), Malaysia (86), India (82), Taiwan (80), Singapore and Hong Kong (both 79) and Japan (46). 

British lead the world in the time spent on foreplay, 22.5 minutes, followed by Germans (22.2 minutes). Thais spend the least time on foreplay (11.5 minutes). 

In many countries, foreplay is increasingly likely to include sex toys such as pornography and vibrators. More than a third (35 percent) watch pornography with their partners, 22 percent indulge in blindfolds or handcuffs and one in five uses sex toys. 

Icelanders are most likely to use vibrators (52 percent), followed by Norwegians (35 percent) and British (49 percent). 

The survey found that people around the world have an average of 10.5 sexual partners. The Chinese have had more sexual partners than anyone else, 19.3 compared with the Brazilians (15.2), the Japanese (12.7) and the Danes (12.5). 

Vietnamese have had the fewest sexual partners 2.5 compared with Hong Kongers (3.5), Indians (3.7), Malaysians (4.2) and Vietnamese (2.5). 

The survey also showed that the average global age for first sex is now 17.7 years and the trend is towards losing virginity earlier with today’s 16 to 20 year olds becoming sexually active by age 16.5. 

On the topic of sexiest features, 14 percent say a toned body, bottom, breasts and chest are the sexiest features. Men focus on breasts, while women think eyes are the most sexy. 

One in 10 believe attitude is the sexiest factor while age, wealth and hair colour (all receiving 1 percent) are the least important things.

The new sexiest Hollywood stars are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, taking over from last year’s winners English footballer David Beckham and American actress Jennifer Lopez. 

Durex, headquartered in Britain, has been conducting the annual sex survey since 1997, and this is the third year the survey was conducted via the durex.com website.

More than 350,000 people from 41 countries took part in the 2004 survey.


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