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US GI arrested for knife murder in disco fight

Published on 19/04/2004

19 April 2004

WIESBADEN – A US soldier was arrested early Sunday after allegedly stabbing one person to death and seriously wounding three others in a discotheque fight in Wiesbaden.

Police said the GI, 23, was arrested at the scene after a fight between three US soldiers and a group of five young men in the disco at around 2:20 in the morning.

Police said the dead victim was an 18-year-old Italian who died on the scene. The nationalities of the three wounded men were not given.

Initial police investigations found that the fight began after one of the American soldiers slapped the buttocks of a woman. Numerous witnesses to the stabbings suffered shock and had to be given medical treatment.

Police said security personnel in the crowded disco were slow in noticing the fight going on.


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