Home News Two killed as German Tornadojets collide in mid-air

Two killed as German Tornadojets collide in mid-air

Published on 21/04/2004

21 April 2004

GARDING – Two German Tornado fighter jets collided in mid-air Wednesday near the northern town of Garding, killing two of the four crew members aboard the planes, police said.

Two other crew members were able to parachute to safety and were taken to hospital. Reports said they had minor injuries.

The planes, each containing a pilot and weapon systems officer, were from an Air Force reconnaissance unit taking part in a training exercise, a German Air Force spokesman said.

Military officials began searching wreckage strewn over eight square kilometres near Garding as an investigation into the collision began.

The planes came down at two main separate crash sites on fields near the town which is close to the North Sea resort of St. Peter-Ording.


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