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Mercedes cleared over abuses in Argentina

Published on 08/12/2003

8 December 2003

STUTTGART – A commission set up by DaimlerChrysler has cleared its Mercedes-Benz subsidiary in Argentina of human rights abuses during the country’s military dictatorship, the head of the inquiry said Monday.

Christian Tomuschat, a human rights specialist who led the independent commission, said in Stuttgart the company was not involved in the “disappearance” of opponents of the military junta.

Fourteen union members who worked at the Mercedes-Benz factory – now owned by DaimlerChrysler – at Gonzalez Catan on the outskirts of Buenos Aires were believed abducted during the 1976-1983 dictatorship.

DaimlerChysler had set up the commission in response to accusations from human rights group that Mercedes-Benz officials had been involved in the abductions.

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