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Home News Majority of Bundesliga favour goal-cameras

Majority of Bundesliga favour goal-cameras

Published on 15/02/2005

15 February 2005

HAMBURG – A poll conducted by a German sports magazine has found that majority of the Bundesliga is in favour of a goal-camera to help referees.

In a report to be published on Wednesday, but made available ahead of publication, Sport Bild said that close to 70 percent of people questioned had said they were in favour of a camera in the goal – only 25 percent were against the idea.

The magazine asked all captains, coaches, managers and presidents of the 18 Bundesliga clubs whether they thought goal cameras were a good idea.

However, the majority of those asked were against the idea of placing the referees under the jurisdiction of the German football league (DFL) and introducing professional referees.

They were also against four assistant referees officiating at matches instead of the two that are presently used.


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