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Home News Kremlin dismisses German gas complaints as ‘strange’

Kremlin dismisses German gas complaints as ‘strange’

Published on 23/06/2022
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The Kremlin said Thursday it was “strange” that Germany considers the reduction of its gas supplies from Russia as political payback for Berlin’s opposition to the conflict in Ukraine.

Russia’s energy giant Gazprom last week slashed gas deliveries to Germany, citing a delay in repairs. Berlin called the move an “economic attack”.

“If a turbine needs to be serviced or returned to its place after repairs but it’s not returned… everything is clear here, there is no double meaning,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.

“Our German partners are well aware of the technological servicing cycles of a pipeline…so it’s strange to call it politics,” he added.

Peskov said that Russia remains a “reliable” supplier of natural gas.

According to Moscow, German company Siemens delayed the return of components for a compression station that needed repair, forcing Russia to cut its deliveries via the Nord Stream pipeline by 60 percent.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck accused Russia of using gas “as a weapon” against Berlin in retaliation for the West’s support for Ukraine.

Germany said Thursday it would raise the alert level under its emergency gas plan to secure supply, bringing it a step closer to the third and final stage that could see gas rationing in Europe’s top economy.