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Human trafficking gang busted

Published on 24/03/2004

24 March 2004

PRAGUE – For the second time this month, Czech police have announced the arrests of several human traffickers who illegally smuggled hundreds of Chinese into western Europe via Germany and Austria.

The gang of nine suspects allegedly helped at least 800 illegal immigrants slip across the Czech border into Germany and Austria, said police spokeswoman Blanka Kosinova.

The smugglers collected about 20 million koruna (769,000 dollars) from their clients and hid the illegals in trucks. Kosinova said they avoided detection by driving across the border while border guards were changing shifts.

Police in Germany, Austria and Italy helped Czech authorities bust the gang. The alleged ringleader is a 29-year-old Czech man who is currently jailed in France and awaiting extradition, Kosinova said.

Earlier this month, Czech and German police said they had busted a separate smuggling ring that snuck more than 400 Chinese and Vietnamese illegals into Germany over the past two years.

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