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Germany players land record World Cup bonus

24 March 2005

FRANKFURT – Germany captain Michael Ballack on Thursday acknowledged that a record title bonus of EUR 300,000 per player at the 2006 home World Cup was unique, but also justified.

“It is an extraordinary figure. But it would also be a stroke of luck if we win the World Cup in 2006,” Ballack told a news conference.

Ballack negotiated the big bonus for the 9 June-9 July 2006, World Cup in Germany the previous night with the DFB leadership duo of Theo Zwanziger and Gerhard Mayer-Vorfelder.

The EUR 300,000 bonus is the figure the players wanted, more than triple the EUR 92,000 the team would have received if they had won the 2002 World Cup final against Brazil.

The DFB had initially offered EUR 250,000 euros, but Mayer-Vorfelder said he was happy with the agreement.

“If someone says that the sum is too big then I must say that the market-value of the team also makes a giant leap,” Mayer-Vorfelder said on Thursday.

Each player will get EUR 300,000 for the title, EUR 150,000 for reaching the final, EUR 100,000 for the semi-finals and EUR 50,000 for the quarter-finals.

The bonuses for the three German World Cup wins so far were much smaller by comparison.

In 1954, each player for the World Cup winner got DM 2,500 (EUR 1,280), the 1974 title at home was worth DM 70,000 (EUR 35,900) and the 1990 title DM 145,000 (EUR 74,360).

But the players agreed that there will be no bonus for a place in the round of 16 at the World Cup.

The DFB didn’t have to pay a qualifying bonus because Germany automatically take part in the event as hosts, but pays a EUR 7,500 bonus for each friendly since summer 2004 as compensation.

The DFB will have to dish out EUR 6.9 million for the 23-player squad alone if Germany win the final 9 July 2006, in Berlin. The sum will likely even rise to 10 million through bonuses for coach Juergen Klinsmann and his staff.

However, the DFB will also rake in millions if Germany win the title. The ruling body FIFA has raised its bonuses by 39 percent compared to 2002, dishing out EUR 220 million to the 32 teams participating, with the World Cup winner getting the biggest sum.

“The players are very aware that the FIFA has considerably raised its bonuses for the teams,” said Mayer-Vorfelder.

Under Wednesday’s agreement the players will also get EUR 60,000 each if they win the 15-29 June Confederations Cup, EUR 20,000 for the final and EUR 10,000 for the semi-final.


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