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Germans seek to punish peeping Toms

5 February 2004

BERLIN – German politicians are pushing for a new law to crack down on peeping Toms armed with digital cameras – but the legislation could also affect paparazzi photographers, a report said.

Der Spiegel news magazine said a planned new privacy law could lead to imprisonment for up to one year or fines for voyeurs who infringe another person’s “highly personal area of life”.

The growth of Internet pages showing people secretly filmed naked or partially clothed in swimming pool changing rooms, toilets or private gardens has prompted the move, the report said.

The law would not differentiate between photos or video recordings taken by peeping Toms or pictures from paparazzi photographers. “A privilege for press photographers is not envisaged,” the report said.

Legal affairs experts in the parliamentary factions are already said to have agreed on the law which follows an initiative by the southern states of Bavaria and Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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