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German troops stay in Bosnia under EU flag

Published on 17/11/2004

17 November 2004   

BERLIN – Germany plans to keep 1,200 troops in Bosnia- Herzegovina after the European Union takes command of forces in the country from NATO next month, the government said on Wednesday.

The German parliament is expected to approve continued deployment of forces in Bosnia-Herzegovina in coming weeks which will serve in the 7,000 member European Union (EU) force dubbed EUFOR.

Under Berlin’s deployment bill up to 3,000 troops can be stationed in Bosnia-Herzegovina but the present strength is 1,200.

NATO has ensured security in Bosnia-Herzegovina since December 1995 when 60,000 Alliance troops were dispatched to there after 1992 to 1995 war between Serbs, Croats and Moslems was ended by the Dayton Peace Agreement.

Troops in Bosnia-Herzegovina from NATO, which first served under the IFOR and later under the SFOR banner, have been reduced to about 12,000.

With improving conditions in the country, NATO leaders agreed at their Istanbul summit last June to hand over military control to the EU.

The EU mission in Bosnia-Herzegonvina will be the 25-nation bloc’s biggest military operation as part of its expanding security and defence role.

EURFOR, which is due to take charge on 2 December will be under the command of British Major-General David Leaky.


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