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Court convicts school bullies

Published on 27/04/2004

27 April 2004

HANOVER – Four school bullies have been convicted of assault in Germany for daily violence against a fellow pupil, a German juvenile-court judge said in the northern city of Hanover Tuesday.

The case in Hanover was one of a series that hit headlines in recent months, prompting public criticism of teachers’ lack of vigilance. The four defendants said staff at the trade-training school never noticed the beatings they gave an unpopular 17-year-old boy.

A number of bullying cases are pending before German courts.

Police chanced on the case when a fellow-pupil went to police to complain that she was being sexually molested.

Stefan Joseph, the judge, said all four boys had apologized in court to the victim and were being sent for anger management counselling. The sentencing was closed to the media.

Jail sentences of 18 and 9 months for two youths were suspended to allow them to continue their schooling. Two others are to serve 21 days and two weekends respectively in a detention facility.


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