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Bomb hoax to evade chemistry test

Published on 13/05/2004

13 May 2004

MUELHEIM – Teenagers have admitted that they orchestrated two bomb hoaxes at schools in Germany to avoid sitting a chemistry test.

Police said Thursday they were able to precisely pinpoint the origin of the second warning phone call in the school lavatory, but declined to explain how that was possible with mobile-phone records.

A 17-year-old admitted popping out of the classroom to phone the secretary of his school in Muelheim in western Germany last week.

He said a group of 11 dreamed up the scheme. First they hoaxed a neighbouring school to see if they would be believed at all, and heard with satisfaction from the other pupils on the school bus that it had led to a full-scale evacuation.

The next day they hoaxed their own school, and the examination had to be cancelled.

Police said the boy faced a breach of the peace charge and would have to pay the costs of wasted police time. Many parents panicked and some 2,000 pupils missed classes while the two schools were searched for bombs.



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