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Home News Hundreds gather in Zurich to protest against Covid-19 measures

Hundreds gather in Zurich to protest against Covid-19 measures

Published on 30/10/2021

Opponents of Covid-19 measures and vaccination certificates marched into the city on Saturday, as did counter-demonstrators.

Those against Swiss pandemic measures chanted “Freedom” and called on citizens to vote against a controversial law setting the legal conditions for the use of a Covid certificate. The nationwide vote results will be announced on November 28. 

The police surrounded the demonstrators, but shortly after 3.30 pm the procession moved towards the city centre, accompanied by the police. The counter-demonstrators gathered in the early afternoon and bicycled around the railway station several times. They wanted to “block the conspiracy theorists inside”, according to pamphlets. Neither demonstration was authorised.

The two groups met at Zurich’s main railway station, but the situation remained peaceful. The police were on site with a large contingent. Vehicles with barriers partially blocked access to the station concourse and water cannons were on standby.