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Places to dip into fondue this winter

Published on 20/01/2011

The weather forecast predicts colder temperatures, so it’s time to recommend some venues for fondue. And remember – only tourists believe that there are penalties if you lose your piece of bread in the pot. Some favourite fondue destinations include Fribourger Fonduestübli or Chäsbaragge (Bederstrasse 130), which are only open in the winter months, and Restaurant Köchlistube, which has entire evenings devoted to the speciality! You may also enjoy the traditional decor of Walliserkanne, or the bright atmosphere of Chässtube Rehalp. If you are feeling a little adventurous, head up the Zurichberg to Chäsalp, where you might spot rabbits outside the restaurant’s window. Who’s complaining about winter now?

Source, text and photo: RON ORP’s Mail Zurich