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learn French in Switzerland

Top 10 tips to learn French in Switzerland


Moving to Switzerland involves diving in a multilingual culture where you will regularly hear and use French, German and English. Learning French in Switzerland is particularly important, but it’s not as daunting as it seems: there are many ways to practice your Français in every day life.

STEM education in Switzerland

STEM education for primary and secondary students in Switzerland


STEM education in Switzerland for both primary and secondary students is among the highest quality in the world, with renowned programmes and innovative education methods.

Early Bilingual Education in Switzerland

The advantages of an early bilingual education in Switzerland


A bilingual education does more for kids than prepare them for a globalized world; it enriches their mind and social world.

Language schools in Switzerland

Learn German, French and Italian: Language schools in Switzerland

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German, French and Italian are spoken in different parts of Switzerland; here's a guide to the many language schools in Switzerland, as well as online and computer language courses.

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