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Vlaams Belang takes hard line

28 February 2007

BRUSSELS – The Vlaams Belang is swearing off its new “softer” image and taking a hard line in the run-up to the elections on 10 June.

The news was to be announced at the party conference on Sunday but hardliner Filip De Man could not keep it a secret any longer in his enthusiasm.

“We are going back to basics, back to the source: to fight mass immigration, and defend our superior European culture,” De Man said.

The VB will plan its electoral conference on Sunday. “The party has chosen (and very rightly so) myself, your servant, to lead the working group on ‘immigration problems’,” De Man wrote on his website.

The VB’s motto will be: “Anyone who doesn’t agree with our standards and values can get a plane ticket. One way,” De Man wrote.

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