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The new Belgian government

Published on October 10, 2014

The Flemish nationalists' Johan Van Overtveldt is Belgium's new Finance Minister, while Kris Peeters, the former Flemish Prime Minister and leading Flemish Christian democrat, has landed the important Work and Economy portfolio.

The Flemish nationalists have also taken the Asylum and Migration brief for Theo Francken.

In all Bart De Wever’s Flemish nationalist party has three ministers and two secretaries of state or junior ministers in the new administration headed by Francophone liberal Charles Michel. Jan Jambon is the new Belgian Interior Minister.

He will double as one of the Deputy Premiers. Johan Van Overtveldt is the new Finance Minister.

The N-VA’s Steven Vandeput becomes Defence Minister and Minister for the Civil Service.

Flemish nationalist Theo Francken is the new Belgian Secretary of State or junior minister for Asylum, Migration and Cutting Red Tape.

Finally, the N-VA’s Elke Sleurs gets Combatting Poverty and Fraud as well as Science Policy.

Siegfried Bracke is the new Speaker of the Chamber of Representatives.

Flemish Christian democrat Koen Geens is the new Justice Minister. Kris Peeters takes Work, Economic Affairs and Consumer Affairs. Pieter De Crem, the former Defence Minister, is the new junior minister for Foreign Trade.

Flemish liberal Maggie De Block becomes the new Public Health and Social Affairs Minister. Alexander De Croo becomes Minister for International Development, Digitale Agenda, Telecom and Postal Services.

Bart Tommelein is the new Secretary of State for Privacy, the North Sea and Combatting Social Fraud.

Francophone liberal Charles Michel is the new Belgian Premier. Didier Reynders stays on at Foreign Affairs.

Hervé Jamar gets Budget with Willy Borsus Minister of Agriculture, the Self-employed and SMEs.

Marie-Christine Marghem is the new Energy and Sustainable Development Minister, while Jacqueline Galant gets Mobility.

Daniel Bacquelaine is the new Pensions Minister.Christine Defraigne is the new Senate Speaker. In all the MR party has six cabinet ministers in the new government.


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