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Strike disrupts post throughout Flanders

22 May 2007

GHENT – The strike by Ghent’s postal workers is having much more widespread consequences than initially anticipated, De Post said on Tuesday.

Last night Ghent postal workers blocked the industrial sorting centre for Oost and West-Vlaanderen at Wondelgem.

Delivery trucks that were supposed to bring post to offices in Oost and West-Vlaanderen were stopped from leaving the centre.

Postal workers based in the centre of Ghent have been on strike for 11 days already.

“The action last night has a serious impact on postal delivery,” said spokesperson for the Post Piet Van Speybroeck. “Much of the post for Oost and West-Vlaanderen will not be able to be delivered.”

The spokesperson said that the decision by postal drivers based in Ghent centre today to continue their strike “goes against all the agreements made.”

It was promised that ten experts would ride along with the drivers today to see where the problems with the routes lie. The experts were ready to accompany the drivers this morning but the drivers are still refusing to work.

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