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Strike at Zaventem airport

13 April 2007

BRUSSELS – Fire and security personnel at Brussels Airport went on strike this morning unannounced at 6 am. Because of the strike by fire fighters most airlines have opted not to fly.

The strike stems from ongoing general dissatisfaction at management, says Jan François of union ACV-Transcom. Concrete complaints have to do with the granting of premiums and meal vouchers. Security has been compromised by the strike.

All Brussels Airlines flights are delayed for two hours at the moment, Jan Van der Cruysse of Brussels Airport reported. Van der Cruysse says that most airlines are not flying, mainly because of the strike by fire fighters. The strike by part of the security personnel has less of an impact, he said. Negotiations are underway.

Van der Cruysse advises travellers to contact their airlines.

Brussels Airlines flights are not being cancelled, said spokesperson Geert Sciot. A crisis team has been set up to monitor the situation.

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