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Some 24 percent of bike routes to work are safe

The figure is double levels in Brussels and Wallonia where there is more traffic or it is hillier.

The average Flemish cyclist covers more kilometres than his or her Francophone counterpart too!

In Flanders 82 percent of respondents also owned a city bike, while in Francophonia half of all bikes were race or mountain bikes.

In Flanders bikes are also used to go shopping or to get to work, whereas in Francophonia bikes are more readily used during leisure activities.

Some 6 percent of Flemings use an electric bike.

Cycling skills or the lack of them are the cause of over 40 percent of all accidents involving a bike, while in 30 percent of cases cycling infrastructure is to blame.

In 15 percent of cases other road users cause the accident.

Some 80 percent of respondents believe recreational cycling routes are safe to very safe, while for trips to work this figure drops to a mere 24 percent.

The figures come from a survey commissioned by the Mobility Club of the Flemish motoring association VAB. Some 2,000 Belgians were quizzed.


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