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“Robin Hood” plunders Blokker

Published on November 16, 2007

16 November 2007

MERKSEM – Norbert Verswijver, a self declared Robin Hood, plundered the Blokker store on the Bredabaan in Merksem on Thursday evening. With a bag full of coupons he purchased television sets, CD writers, and other items worth a total of EUR 48,511 while only spending 60 cents! The Gazet van Antwerpen reported this on Friday.

Norbert had noticed that the coupons did not specify that they could not be used in combination. A mistake that Blokker is certainly regretting. “I read all the small print. I bought a television set and used a coupon for 20% off. Then I used another coupon on the remaining amount, and so on until the price came to zero euros,” Verswijver said.

The man had notified the Test-Aankoop consumer protection agency ahead of time and a bailiff accompanied him to the store. The store manager tried to stop the sale, but even a phone call to the director of Blokker could not do much. If the items are not delivered, Verswijver will take the matter to court. He is confident the case would be found in his favour.

Verswijver is not done with his project. In the past he used coupons to buy massive quantities of frozen products at the Match store, also on the Bredabaan. He plans more actions in the near future. “I only do this because I want to hold shops to the promises they make in their advertisements,” he told Gazet Van Antwerpen. Norbert calls himself Robin Hood because he does not profit from his actions himself, but hands out the goods to others.

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