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Repubblica di Genova towed to dry dock

Published on November 19, 2007

19 November 2007

BRUSSELS –  The Italian cargo ship capsized on 8 March 2007 in the Verrebroek dock in Antwerp. It had containers and cars on board.

The Repubblica de Genova is a 216 metre-long vessel belonging to the Grimaldi Lines shipping company.

The accident took place while the vessel was being loaded with containers and cars.  Experts first deemed that the vessel was too damaged to be able to save it. However, Grimaldi Lines decided to have it restored.  The restoration will be done by Antwerp Ship Repair.

The operation of towing the vessel to dry dock started at 5.30 am on Sunday. It was very difficult, considering the magnitude of the vessel. It had to be towed through two small locks.

Despite the early hour, a few curious spectators showed up to watch.

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