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Police bag hi-tech rabbit thieves

14 January 2004

BRUSSELS – Rabbit poaching has become a decidedly hi-tech business in Belgium, if the case of two rabbit poachers caught in here on Tuesday night is anything to go by.

Police say they stopped the two men driving an armoured getaway car that would not have looked out of place in a James Bond movie.

The vehicle had been fitted reinforced with metal plates to stop bullets and was also equipped with spring loaded tyre traps to be fired into the path of pursuers.

And if that were not enough, the car also had two old bicycles strapped to the back that could be jettisoned onto the road to form another obstacle in the event of a chase.

The poachers had fitted a halogen lamp on the outside to blind their prey and shielded the car’s licence plates with lead sheeting to avoid identification.

They were arrested with booty of 14 wild rabbits.

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