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Over 260 Belgians still missing in tsunami zone

7 January 2005

BRUSSELS – There are about 260 Belgians still missing following the 26 December Indian Ocean tsunami disaster.

The figure, the latest from the Belgian foreign affairs ministry as of Thursday, is lower than the 315 persons missing as of Wednesday.

Of the 260 still missing, about 52 people were definitely in the area hit by the deadly wave when the tragedy occurred, Le Soir newspaper reported.

Six Belgians are believed to have died in the catastrophe that claimed the lives of at least 146,000 people, about half of whom may be children.

In the greater Asian region not affected by the tragedy there are still 208 Belgian citizens missing, though the number continues to go down as people get in touch with family and friends and return home.

Rudy Huygelen, a spokesman for the ministry, reminded Belgian citizens who have had any contact with loved ones in the region to inform the proper authorities immediately.

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