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Nieuwpoort man holds record

28 March 2007

BRUSSELS – A 41-year-old man from Nieuwpoort has become the record holder for the highest blood-alcohol concentration measured.

On 1 May 2005 a police check uncovered that he had a blood-alcohol concentration of 4.66 percent while behind the wheel after a day of drinking beer and wine. The man appeared before the court in Veurne on Tuesday.

“Congratulations! You’re still alive,” the judge said. “You hold the record. Blood-alcohol levels of 4 percent and higher have been measured, but that is usually during a post-mortem.”

A blood-alcohol level of 4.66 percent is equal to drinking a barrel of beer and two bottles of wine in close succession.

The man was fined EUR 2,750, half of which deferred, and is banned from driving for six months and 15 days, three months of which suspended.

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