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My skinflint Valentine

13 February 2004

BRUSSELS – Love-struck scribes across Belgium will this weekend be silently cursing the penny-pinching government accountants who control the budget of Belgium’s French-speaking community.

In past years Francophone authorities subsidised a service called the ‘factuers d’amour’ – rough translation ‘postmen of love’.

The scheme was run by a sentimental posse of Belgian artists who every Valentine’s Day hand-delivered hundreds of love-letters penned by their romantic compatriots.

But this year the accountants have put their foot down. They have cut the facteurs’ budget by 75 percent, a move which has led the service’s founder, an artist named Zo, to cancel planned deliveries for 14 February 2004.

“We are still paying off the cost of running the service last year,” explained the angry artist, who recently appointed himself Belgium’s minister for sentimental affairs.

But despite the setbacks, Zo says he will try to get the service up and running in time for next year’s 14 February love fest.

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