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Leukemans tests positive

22 November 2007

BRUSSELS – The Flemish cyclist Björn Leukemans has tested positive for testosterone. A spokesman for the 30-year-old cyclist’s team Predictor has confirmed that a random drug test carried out ahead of the Cycling World Cup found excess levels of testosterone in the cyclist’s urine.

The spokesman added that Predictor had suspended Leukemans with immediate effect.

The cyclist will be sacked by his team if a second urine test proves to be positive. The Antwerp cyclist came fourth in year’s Paris to Roubaix race, as well as winning the toughest stage in this year’s Tour of Austria.

He was the second best Belgian at this season’s Cycling World Cup in Stuttgart, where he took thirteenth place.

Björn Leukemans’ test results showed concentrations of testosterone that were one and a half times the permitted maximum.

In the past, Leukemans was found to have double the permitted level of testosterone in his urine.

However, then the drug testing authorities accepted Leukemans’ explanation that the excess testosterone in his urine was a natural phenomenon.

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