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“Job seekers must learn Dutch”

20 April 2007

BRUSSELS – Job seekers in the Flemish periphery of Brussels who are unable to find work because they do not speak Dutch well enough will be required to take a language course at the Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Agency (VDAB) from now on. Flemish minister for employment Frank Vandenboucke (SP.A) announced this in the Flemish Parliament.

Job seekers who are convinced they can find suitable employment without following the course will be given a chance. But if they have not managed to find work within 3 to 6 months and learning better Dutch could help them do so, they will be required to follow a course for professional Dutch.

This requirement is being added to the agreement between job seekers and the VDAB. If the job seeker refuses, he or she will be referred to the National Employment Office (RVA), which could reduce or suspend unemployment benefits.

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