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Homeopathy officially recognised in Belgium

The federal government gave the green light in July last year, but the Royal Decree has only now been published in the Staatsblad, the official news letter issued by the Belgian government.

GPs, dentists and midwives can only call themselves homeopaths if they have followed an extra homeopathy training.

Those with a Bachelor degree in health care who were already active in the sector, like nurses, can continue their activities under a temporary measure.

The official recognition does not imply an automatic refund from the health mutual.

The sector is happy with the new framework, arguing that the changes will result in higher quality standards.

"This is a very important step and it can only be to the benefit of the patients’ safety. Patients will know whether or not they are dealing with someone who correctly applies homeopathic medicine", says Leon Schepers of the Unio Homeopathica Belgica.


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