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Gay marriage increasingly popular

5 November 2007

BRUSSELS – The number of same sex couples getting married continues to soar.

More and more gays, lesbians and bisexuals are tying the knot according to new figures. Last year there was a nine percent surge in the number of same sex unions in Belgium. Same sex unions are especially popular among lesbians.

Yves Aerts of the Flemish gay association says that many lesbians have children from an earlier marriage. They often want to give these children the security that only a marriage can offer. This is why they opt for a second marriage.

New adoption legislation also allows people to adopt their partner’s children. The number of children being adopted by gay couples continues to rise as well.

Last year 1,124 gay marriages were concluded. The figure for 2005 was 1,027.

In 2003, the year in which the first Verhofstadt government tabled legislation in favour of gay marriage, there were only 854 same sex unions.

Among lesbians same sex marriages are most popular in Antwerp province. The number of same sex marriages between men is highest in Brussels.

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